Translation provided by JIGGSLAW®. The Bogota Arbitration and Adjudication Centre of the Bogotá Commercial Chamber (CCB in Spanish) has implemented an international roster system as the primary mechanism for appointing international arbitrators.

This arbitration centre has adopted an international roster system as primary mechanism for nominating arbitrators in international arbitrations in which it serves as the nominating authority (primary or subsidiary) since 7 February 2023.

According to the note issued by the CCB’s Arbitration and Adjudication Center and signed by its director Gustavo A.Piedrahita Forero, he will participate in the international arbitral tribunal integration stage in the event of:

(i)Acting as nomination authority in international arbitrations administered by other arbitral institutions.

(ii)The nomination function being delegated upon the Centre as a primary or subsidiary role in the international arbitration cases under the Rules of this arbitral institution,

(iii)The main or subsidiary function of nomination is delegated upon the Centre in international arbitration cases administered under UNCITRAL Rules 2013 and Emergency Arbitration 2021,and

(iv)In circumstances not previously specified and in which the nomination function is delegated.

The Centre’s committee or external professionals may nominate international arbitrators. The organisation also explains the tribunal training system and list the minimum requirement for being nominated as international arbitrator: languages, regional and international arbitration experience, experience in the field (type of dispute), financial sector of the parties, amount of the case, industry awareness, nationality of the parties, other members or to-be-members of the tribunal, as well as the candidate’s nationality, any potential conflict of interest (impartiality or independence) and availability are all considered.

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